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Chasing Rainbows – New film from Jenny Graham and Markus Stitz features an e-bikepacking adventure on the Tern Orox on Scotland’s Moray Coast

Around the world cyclists Jenny Graham and Markus Stitz have teamed up again for a new film project on the Moray Coast in Scotland. Chasing Rainbows portrays their three-day journey on the new Tern Orox Adventure Cargo e-Bike. The 9-minute film, available to watch for free on YouTube, documents them cycling a 239 km (148 miles) loop starting and finishing in Jenny’s hometown of Inverness. The short documentary takes viewers on an adventurous journey through Moray and Speyside, not only world-famous for its abundance of distilleries, but also home to some of the most stunning coastal scenery Scotland has to offer.

Jenny Graham, who holds the female Guinness World Record for circumnavigating the world on a bike, comments: ‘Using the Tern Orox e-bikes for this trip, with big 4-inch tires and two batteries, was quite a change from anything else we’ve ridden so far. We chose a route where we could really put these bikes to the test. And of course, the benefit of having a cargo bike is that you can carry so much stuff with you. Markus and I are used to living out of tiny little bags on our bike, but this time we were literally thrown everything that we wanted for a really boujee picnic camping trip, through the Cairngorms first and then into Moray and Speyside. The trip was very different from what we are used to, but great fun.’

Markus Stitz, author of Bikepacking Scotland and around the world single speed cyclist, comments: ‘I think the film shows how capable the bikes were; there is a huge potential in this new type of bike for getting more people to enjoy bikepacking. We chose Moray and Speyside as it not only offers breathtaking coastal scenery and great beaches to ride on, but also superb trails like the Speyside Way. Our route had to be barrier-free – one thing that was not possible is lifting the bikes over closed gates – and contained a nice mix of off-road and on-road sections. And as people can possibly guess from the title of the film, we had to cope with a lot of rainfall on our journey. Jenny and I didn’t postpone the trip to showcase that Scotland can be enjoyed by bike in almost every weather condition. For me the rain added to the atmosphere.’

The route for the film, From Coast to Barrel, can be found at Bikepacking Scotland’s website at It is based on an itinerary included in Stitz’s ‘Bikepacking Scotland’ guidebook, published in May 2023 by Vertebrate Publishing. Moray and Speyside, which sits between Inverness and Aberdeen and extends from the Moray coastline south to the Cairngorms National Park, is home to more than half of Scotland’s whisky distilleries. Whisky makes the region world-famous, but it is also perfect to experience a stunning wild coast and breathtaking mountains on a bike.

The Tern Orox adventure cargo bikes are built for extreme conditions, with a huge carrying capacity: The Atlas X Rack on the back is rated for carrying up to 100 kilograms, and the Cargo Hold 72 Panniers offer 144 litres of waterproof storage room. The Tern Orox S12, ridden by Markus, comes with a 12-speed Shimano derailleur, while the Tern Orox R14, ridden by Jenny, was equipped with a 14-speed Rohloff Hub and Gates carbon drive. Both bikes featured custom 27.5inch Schwalbe Johnny Watts all-terrain tires and were powered by two ultra-high-capacity Bosch PowerPacks and a Bosch Performance Line CX motor.