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Circular Communities Toolkit

Scotland’s Towns Partnership and Zero Waste Scotland have worked together to develop this Circular Towns Toolkit,

featuring steps people can take to benefit from the sustainable possibilities in their own area. Read on for inspiring real-life case studies of towns and communities across Scotland and further afield who are doing just that.

Examples and initiatives like these are an effective way to bring people together and make them feel like they’re part of something bigger. When people take the time to invest in and improve their local area, they care more about what is happening in their community overall.
Zero Waste Scotland’s ‘20 ideas to kickstart your circular community’ is also a great resource you and your community could make use of.

  • Using waste to create local value
  • Reducing single use
  • Reducing consumption in your community
  • Tackling food waste at a local level
  • Creating sustainable opportunities for the local economy
  • Creating sustainable places
  • Running sustainable events