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Keep Britain Tidy launches new campaign to clean up streets

Keep Britain Tidy have launched a new campaign to encourage smokers to rethink how they dispose of their cigarette butts.

Research carried out by the organisation shows that almost half of smokers are unaware that any cigarette butt they toss in the street could end up in the ocean through drains.

Research revealed that:

  • 52% of smokers who smoke everyday thought putting a cigarette down the drain was acceptable.
  • 39% of smokers, equivalent to 3.6million in the UK, admitted to throwing a cigarette butt down a drain within the past month.
  • 11% of smokers do not consider cigarette butts to be litter.
  • Dropped cigarette butts are the most common form of littering.

#BinTheButt campaign aims to raise awareness amongst smokers and highlight the link between the cigarette butt they drop on the street or down the drain and the impact it has on the marine environment.

Cigarette butts can take years to breakdown, worse still they never fully biodegrade and are toxic to the marine environment.

Find out more about the campaign here.