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Our Place

Scotland’s Towns Partnership (STP) plays an important part in informing and implementing key areas of Government policy aimed at improving the future of the nation’s towns and places.

Much work is taking place across Scotland to reform the planning system and wider elements of place-based working. This includes community-led regeneration projects and the wider community wealth building agenda, both of which strike at the core of what STP, its members and stakeholders hope to achieve in terms of meaningful and impactful grassroots action which delivers significant benefits for places.

As a trusted partner of the Scottish Government and others, STP has been closely involved in initiatives including the Place-Based Investment Programme, which is supporting a range of innovative projects across the country.

You can read about many of the initiatives which are ongoing – many of which have directly involved input from STP – in this letter from the Chief Planner and Planning Minister.

Highlights from it include:

At the heart of so much that is taking place is the need for information-sharing and collaboration. STP provides important platforms and forums which enables this to take place, working closely with other organisations in our professional sector.

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