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Scotland’s Towns Conference 2024

The annual Scotland’s Towns Conference will take place on Wednesday 27th November at Perth Concert Hall.

Set against the backdrop of Perth’s major assets investments, STC24 highlights the importance of cultural, built, and natural assets in driving economic, social, and environmental progress in Scotland’s towns and places.

Join us to discuss, learn about and connect with the resilient and thriving places showcasing at Scotland’s Towns Conference 2024: “Investing in Our Assets for Sustainable Towns of the Future.” This year’s conference, held on 27th November at Perth Concert Hall, will delve into the critical role of cultural, built, and natural assets in fostering local economic, social, and environmental transformative change.

  • Built assets and infrastructure: The backbone of our towns and places.

  • Cultural and heritage assets: Providing both economic and wider societal benefits.

  • Natural assets: Greenspace, water, and biodiversity that sustain our environment.

  • Human, social, and financial capital: Leveraging the skills and abilities of individuals, the strength of community, public and private partnerships, and the wealth accumulation potential within our towns.

Explore how these assets open up potential for new jobs, industry and enterprise, driving forward economic growth and innovation.

Learn how to leverage these diverse assets to create sustainable, vibrant towns for future generations. Connect with industry experts, share best practices, and be part of the drive for positive change across Scotland.

Join us for an inspiring yet practice-based experience featuring study visits, keynote speakers, interactive workshops, collaborative world café sessions and a solutions-based exhibition.

For a flavour of what to expect, you can have a look back at last year’s conference here.

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