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Community Gardens in Galston – bringing benefits to the whole community

Gauchalland East Community Gardens in Galston have been created by the Tenant’s and Residents’ Association, bringing an unused piece of land back to life.

And they have proven to be a great asset in tackling social isolation and improving mental wellbeing by bringing people together.

Gauchalland East Community Gardens grow their own fruit and veg within the community gardens which provides its members with adult education opportunities as well as the chance to share skills. 

The initiative also provides a community larder which sells fruit and vegetables that are grown in the gardens, as well as offering a range of reduced price goods to support local people with the cost of living crisis. Any profits from the shop are used to fund the gardens and community projects in the area.  

The group also helps to provide a multi-use space for the wider community, which has seen local groups use it for group work activities, as well as creating a warm space with the log burner in the gardens. 

Gauchalland East Community Gardens was a runner-up in the 2023 Scotland Loves Local Climate and Net Zero Award, highlighting the positive impact the project has had on the local community and environment.