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East Ayrshire Gift Card

A collaboration between Kilmarnock Business Association, Cumnock Business Association and East Ayrshire Council introduced the East Ayrshire Gift Card as part of a shared vision to improve their high street.  The programme was launched to help drive footfall in East Ayrshire with customers buying gift cards, locking spending locally, and encouraging customers to shop in East Ayrshire.

Sean Batty and East Ayrshire Councillor Iain Linton promoting Scotland Loves Local and the East Ayrshire Gift Card at CentreStage in Kilmarnock. September 2023. Picture: Scotland’s Towns Partnership
  • More than £430,000 has been loaded onto East Ayrshire Gift Cards, benefiting local businesses across varied sectors since its launch in August 2020.
  • Over 230 businesses are part of the East Ayrshire Gift Card programme, giving recipients ultimate local choice and benefiting these businesses.

The East Ayrshire Council Gift Card Programme has been used in several ways:

1. Supporting families with dignity:

  • In December 2020, £50 gift cards in Christmas boxes were distributed to 4,200 families receiving free school meals.
  • Supporting 4500 families with children of nursery age and receiving care packages with funded gift £20 cards during the Easter Holiday 2021

2. Random Acts of Kindness:

  • During the launch months of the gift card programme, August/ September 2020, East Ayrshire Council used the gift card for random acts of kindness, giving away £20 gift cards in the town centre and encouraging usage across various age groups. 

3. Resident-focused initiatives:

  • East Ayrshire Council’s housing department is using the gift cards as prizes in their East Ayrshire Garden Competition as part of a campaign to keep gardens and streets tidy.
  • The gift card gives individuals flexibility and choice. There’s no stigma attached to using the gift card; there’s no way for anyone to know it’s been received as a gift or a hardship payment.  All types and sizes of local businesses have benefited from the East Ayrshire Gift Card, including cafes, clothes stores, opticians, and a tyre centre.

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