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Falkirk: A vision for the future of Town Centre Living

A masterplan for the future of Falkirk town centre places huge importance on the need to have more people living there – contributing to economic and environmental sustainability.

Delegates taking part in the Town Centre Living Roadshow organised by Scotland’s Towns Partnership and its key strategic partners had a chance to hear about much of that on a study tour of the area.

You can read more about the wide vision for Falkirk here.

Falkirk Council is taking the lead in turning the vision into reality, with work specifically looking at how vacant spaces can be brought to life and have more people living in the town centre.

Among the steps being taken are its Town Centre Vacant Repurposing Feasibility Grant Scheme for the town centre.  

The objectives of the Town Centre Vacant Repurposing Feasibility Grant Scheme are:

  1. Specifically target the issue of under-use / vacancy of upper floors and address the issue of manageable commercial unit sizes at ground floor.
  2. Allow building owners access to a design team to provide redevelopment options to bring vacant floor area back into use.
Sharing Falkirk's story at the TCL Roadshow

The economic, social and health benefits of more town centre living

  • Recognises the changing nature of the town centre and the need to encourage non retail based use.
  • Acts as a catalyst to promote future town centre investment from the private sector.
  • Safeguard the future of prominent buildings through indication how high-quality conversion may be achieved.
  • Access to Amenities – in walking distance 
  • Convenience – everything on your doorstep
  • Safety – generally considered to be a safe option
  • Culture – vibrant and exciting atmosphere
Delegates at the TCL Roadshow in Falkirk