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Galgael – creating a haven for the community

Galgael’s garden and the adjoining Ibrox Commons in Govan, Glasgow,are a space for learning, growing and gathering.

The project has been developed by Galgael on former ‘wasteland’ bordering Galgael’s own garden at their workshop in what’s one of the poorest areas of Scotland, turning a space the size of a football pitch into a green haven for the community and environment.

At its heart Galgael is a working community and heritage charity – predominantly led by volunteers. For more than 20 years Galgael has provided practical programmes supporting marginalised and disadvantaged groups, emphasising community, respect and dignity. Community engagement has never been a tickbox exercise for Galgael – it is part of the warp and weft of the fabric of what they do.

Ibrox Commons has been developed in response to an expressed need within the local community for a safe communal space for food growing and outdoor community interaction, learning and skills development. Working with people who are facing some of the most severe impacts of wealth inequality, the garden has provided a space for people to reconnect with nature through observation and stewardship, whilst highlighting the transformative impact of repurposing space for emotional and mental wellbeing of the people who live there.

 Over the last two years the neglected and underused site  has been transformed into an accessible and welcoming sanctuary.  Partnership working with Maslows Community Shop and the Govan Community Project has helped to build and maintain raised beds for individuals and households and provided several shared skills sessions on food growing and related topics.

The significant impact of the project on the local community and environment saw it recognised as a Runner-Up at the 2023 Scotland Loves Local Climate and Net Zero Award.

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