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Harnessing digital innovation to champion the power of local living

Forth Valley Food & Drink’s ‘Like a Local’ social media campaign showcases an  innovative use of digital technology to support and promote local food and drink businesses in the Forth Valley region. Through a series of engaging and immersive social media posts throughout July and August 2023,  the campaign connected locals and tourists alike with the vibrant culinary scene and natural beauty of the area. 

The campaign reached more than 6,000 people, and successfully leveraged digital technology to create a vibrant and engaging narrative around local food and drink in Forth Valley, ultimately contributing to the promotion of local businesses and tourism in the region. 

Forth Valley Food & Drink also engaged with Scotland Food and Drink on the campaign to take advantage of their digital reach; as well as sharing it with tourism channels Visit Scotland and Stirling Alive. The campaign will be built upon this autumn, with a planned follow up blog series – ‘party like a local’ showcasing catering outlets and ‘shop like a local’ highlighting places to buy local produce.

The campaign showcases the power of a strategic, immersive social media campaign, utilizing visual platforms like Instagram and Youtube to bang the drum for the regions’ vibrant local food and drink scene.