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Midsteeple Quarter, Dumfries: Creating a new town centre neighbourhood

Midsteeple Quarter has taken a series of Dumfries High Street building into community ownership as part of an ambitious vision to create a vibrant new town centre neighbourhood.

Its vision is to breathe new life into the area by having more people living on the upper floors of properties – with the ground floor units being made available to help encourage local enterprise. 

The organisation’s first phase of major redevelopment is due for completion in summer 2024, transforming a formerly neglected and derelict site into seven new homes, enterprise and community spaces. Plans are being drawn up for future phases of development.

The story of Midsteeple Quarter Community Benefit Society was shared as part of the Town Centre Living Roadshow organised by Scotland’s Towns Partnership alongside key strategic partners.


Community-led regeneration

From the start of the idea of Midsteeple Quarter it was always understood that partnership working was going to be essential to taking it forward.

Formed to address the problem of market failure in the high street, it was realised that this was too large for one group or organisation to solve – plus the limitations of capacity and knowledge meant that collaboration across sectors and organisations was needed.  

Initial conversations and meetings were held with the local authority, Scottish Government, NHS, local community council and arts and culture organisations to frame what would emerge as the Midsteeple Quarter, mixed use, housing led regeneration model, but led by the community.

With the setting up of the organisation in 2018, the constitution (rules of association) included the requirement for the Board to be comprised of representation from the local community, community council, businesses, etc.  Regular meeting with stakeholders, especially the local Council Housing officer and funders kept a two way conversation going to enable resources and expertise to be accessed where and when required.

Find out more about how the community has taken the lead in the trailblazing Midsteeple Quarter project here.


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