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SGF is here to serve the Scottish convenience store sector; whether that be by supporting these retailers and their staff in running their business, or by working with suppliers, manufacturers and service providers within the industry.

Today we are the only authoritative voice for the Scottish convenience store industry – an industry that provides over 42,000 jobs throughout just over 5,000 stores; Scotland has more c-stores per head of population than the rest of the UK!

We strive to ensure the viability of our retailers’ businesses in whatever way we can. Examples of this are:

  • We work extremely closely with the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government to inform and influence key policy within our sector. Not only that, we also work with the UK Government and other organisations throughout Europe to provide the best trading environment possible. This has seen us be involved in many policy decisions as well as being in a position to secure funding from the Scottish Government on behalf of our retail members.
  • We produce Scottish-specific research and statistics which are playing a vital part in informing and influencing government and parliament.
  • We offer a range of advisory services, many via service providers who are in membership of the Federation.
  • We run a number of events throughout the year; not only are they extremely insightful and informative, but also offer an opportunity for retailers, suppliers and service providers to come together – superb networking opportunities.
  • We aim to bring together retailers and suppliers in one united single body; by protecting our convenience retailers we are in turn protecting the supply market.