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🌟 Vicinity: Your Place Management Technology Partner 🌟

Come and meet Henry and Simon to learn about the recent merger of Solomon and LoyalFree, and how the combined company can help your organisation.


Welcome to Vicinity, born from the merger of Solomon and LoyalFree in October 2023. We are a technology company dedicated to the place management industry, serving BIDs, councils, DMOs, and property owners. Our unwavering mission: To empower every place-maker to build thriving, engaged communities and gain support based on the value they provide. We take pride in our ability to create value for our customers. Here’s how we do it:

📊 Organizing and Integrating Data: We provide secure and compliant data management solutions that streamline operations, making data work for you, not against you.

📣 Gathering and Disseminating Evidence: We help place-makers showcase their hard work and the value they bring to communities by gathering and sharing compelling evidence of their accomplishments.

💼 Driving stakeholder engagement: Through mobile applications we foster meaningful connections between businesses, stakeholders, and place-makers, promoting collaboration and community growth.

🌐 Attract and retain a community: Our technology enables places to attract footfall and build loyal communities. From discovering new places to rewarding loyalty, we bridge the gap between people, businesses, and the places they love.

Join us on our journey to support place managers through digital innovation and community building. Connect with Vicinity today and let’s shape the future of thriving, vibrant places together!