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Who they are

The Members listed on this page share the common aim and objectives of the Partnership. They are committed to sharing good practice and supporting initiatives which improve the economic performance of Scotland’s towns and high streets – in turn, benefiting local communities, local businesses and the wider economy. 

In addition, there are a range of sponsorship and partnership opportunities available with Scotland’s Towns Partnership. We are also able to consider proposals for wider strategic partnership and collaboration. Please contact us for more information or to discuss further. 




Husam Al Waer
Hazel Allan
Edina Balko
Gordon Barr
Sue Barnard
Maggie Broadley
John Bruce
Ann Campbell
helen Carroll
Lindsay Chalmers
Colin Clement
Jamie Cooke
Neil Cooney
Peter Coyne
Eric Craig
Mark Crothall
Kirsty Cumming
Eugenio Da Rin 
Peter De Vink
David Dewhurst
John Dickson
John Donnelly
Aileen Drummond
Sophie Eftimon
David Ferguson
Hayley Flanagan
Tom Flanagan
Maxine Fraser
Rosalee Gamble
Elaine Gorman
Joe Hall
Ros Halley
Derek Harper
Warren Hawke
Camilla Hellman
Moira Henderson
Jim Hiddleston
Pauline Hinchion
Donna Hislop
Alison Horner
Linda Houston
Colin Howden
Paul Hughes
Jennifer Hunter
Allan Hutcheon
Georgina Innes
Susan Jones
Hilary Kidd
Elizabeth Lambert
Gavin Leask
Isobel Leakie
Robert Livingston
Kiki MacDonald
Ailsa MacFarlane
Ian MacGregor
Kevin MAson
Heather McCann
David McCubbin
Ross McCulloch
Ojay McDonald
Rory McLeod
Derek Miller
Will Motion
Ali Muhammad
Hannah Muirhead
Kenith Munro
Kevin Murray
Susan Murray
Robert Nicol
Robert Nicol
Susan O’Connor
Carol O’Donnell
Bill Pagan
Daniel Paris
Cathy Parker
Sarah Pearce
Cathy Philips Brady
Karon Phillips
Gary Porter
Jon Proctor
Polly Purvis
Rhiannon Jane Raftery
Alan Rankin
Tina Rees
Gordon Reid
David Rose 
Bill Sadlier
Iain Scott
John Shearer
Alan Stevenson
Alyson Taylor
Richard Taylor
Sara Thiam
Aileen Tulloch
Pam Tulloch
Sonya Warren
David Waterworth
Steven Whitehouse
Margaret Whitelaw
Nick Wright
Fay Young